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The District’s well field consists of two primary production wells. Well # 1 was constructed in 1952; Well # 2 was constructed in 1967. Located north of the District Office this well field draws water from the Pico Creek underflow. The State Water Resources Control Board permits the District of San Simeon to divert up to 140 acre-feet of water per calendar year at a rate of .27 cubic feet per second.

The District has one reservoir that provides 150,000 gallons (0.15 MG) of regulatory, fire, and emergency storage. The most recent Water Master Plan (2007) determined that 19 percent of historic water consumption was attributed to residential uses, 3 percent was attributed to commercial uses, 57 percent was attributed to hotel/motel use, 13 percent to restaurant uses, and 7 percent was attributed to other uses.

Pico Creek Well Levels