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San Simeon CSD Master Plan

master plan works to define a system-wide integrated water supply, wastewater, and reuse capital improvement strategy to meet the needs of the community.

2018 Master Plan 

The 2018 Master Plan document was written with the intent of recommending improvements to SSCSD’s potable water system, sanitary sewer system, recycled water system, and network of roads and sidewalks to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, to meet the demands of the community’s projected rate of growth, and to provide an organized replacement program for the existing infrastructure.

2018 Master Plan - Addendum 

The System-Wide Water Supply Assessment (WSA) report, is an addendum to the 2018 Master Plan. The document meets the requirements of California Water Code sections 10608, 10610-10656 (Urban Water Management Plan Act), and 10910-10915 (Water Supply Assessment Statute). The report quantifies water supply requirements for potential future developments, as identified on the Water/Sewer Waitlist, and compares supply versus demands through 2045, as stipulated in the 2020 Urban Water Management Planning Guide.

2007 Water System Master Plan 

The purpose of this document, adopted in 2007 document, was to develop a Water Master Plan and Wastewater Collection System Capacity Evaluation for the San Simeon Community Services District.