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Coastal Hazards Response Plan (CHRP) Scope

The goal of this project is to provide the San Simeon community and decision makers with comprehensive information for planning resilient development and protection of critical infrastructure and coastal resources. In order to address needed adaptive management of critical infrastructure, SSCSD would develop a Coastal Hazards Response Plan that would function as a technical report building on previous studies to advance work on planning for WWTP relocation and revetment removal, while addressing coastline climate change impacts. A preferred inland site (or sites) for SSCSD wastewater treatment functions would be identified, including evaluation of alternative wastewater treatment options in-lieu of building a new WWTP. Potentially feasible alternatives involve construction of an inland package plant, combining services with other nearby existing WWTPs, and similar alternatives.

Draft Coastal Hazard Response Plan Outline2008 Rincon Report Alternative Site AnalysisCalifornia Coastal Commission Correspondence 6.7.2022Draft CHRP outline with comments from California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)Community Input Regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation* 2022 11 14 WWTP Relocation letter from San Simeon Chamber of Commerce * 2022 12 07 Final Statement SSCSD WWTP Relocation 55 Signatories Owners Pine View

Regular updates on this project occur at the monthly Board Meetings.
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