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Coastal Hazard Response Plan (CHRP):

SSCSD would appreciate feedback on ideas and expectations for a new wastewater treatment plant: design, ecological, environmentally friendly, water saving and producing, planet friendly, zero output, solar-powered, living walls and roofs/rooves, constructed wetland (if we can find a site, hopefully, donated), zero greenhouse gases, innovative bacteria growing methods, and a smaller footprint that also allows for future growth--just to note a few. Do the research. Pass this on to your children as a project--they often have a wealth of ideas and are creative. There are no stupid ideas! Teachers have complimented us on our website which has a wealth of knowledge.

Consistent with the requirements of Task 2 (Agency and Stakeholder Engagement) from the Coastal Commission LCP Amendment Grant Agreement, the District is committed to providing public outreach and opportunities for public input and questions through a comment period on the draft CHRP and through regular project updates at SSCSD Board Meetings.  The following is intended to be an important part of meeting this requirement.  Please refer to this web page and the District’s regular monthly meetings for additional updates and opportunities for public input.