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Coastal Development Permit # 3-19-0020

Several of the projects undertaken at the WWTP since its original construction have occurred within the permitting jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission (CCC), and the District has previously obtained two Coastal Development Permits (CDPs) for construction of a flow-balancing tank in 1979 and installation of additional aeration and clarifier tanks in 1985 (CDP Nos. 199-09 and 4-85-180). However, it was later determined that some of the subsequent facility maintenance projects would require a Coastal Development Permit after the fact.  As a result, CCC issued CDP No. 3-19-0020 in 2019 to authorize this development after the fact and specify conditions for the WWTP’s continued operation and eventual relocation. One special condition of the CDP required the development of the Coastal Hazards Response Plan (CHRP).