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2020 Resolutions

Resolution 20-427 

Adopting the 2019 San Luis Obispo County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and finding the Project Exempt from CEQA

Resolution 20-426 

Establishing a Wait List for Water, Sewer, and Service Allocation

Resolution 20-425 

Obtaining Solid Waste Authority from the Local Area Formation Commission

Resolution 20-424 

Adopting the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year Budget

Resolution 20-423 

Approving the Appropriation Limit for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Res 20-423 Appropriation Limit 20-21.pdf
Resolution 20-422 

Authorizing signatures including facsimile signatures for banking services on behalf of the SSCSD

Reso 20-422 Authorizing signatures including facsimile signatures for Banking.pdf
Resolution 20-421 

Approval of the Consolidation of the Biennial Election with the November 8, 2020 County General Election

Res 20-423 Appropriation Limit 20-21.pdf
Resolution 20-420 

Approving the Application for and/or Execution of Grant Funds from the Ocean Protection Council

Resolution 20-420 - OPCC.pdf
Resolution 20-419 

Emergency Declaration COVID-19 and Temporary Relief from Water Disconnection

Reso 20-419 Declaration of Emergency Resolution related to COVID19.pdf
Resolution 20-418 

Authorizing Signatures for Banking Services

Resolution 20-418.pdf
Resolution 20-417 

Authorizing Destruction of Certain District Records pursuant to the records retention schedule

Resolution 20-417.pdf